Microfibre Yoga Mats

Experience unparalleled support throughout your yoga practice with Circé mats, designed for perfect grip, grounding, and purposeful movement. Our mats come in two varieties: a rubber base with a microfiber surface, and our latest innovation—entirely rubber mats. Every Circé mat is eco-friendly, sustainable, elegant, and functional.

Crafted to inspire and enhance your mind-body-soul connection, Circé mats are rigorously tested by yoga teachers and practitioners of all levels. Their unanimous approval attests to the superior quality we pride ourselves on.

Circé mats are thoughtfully designed with extra width, measuring 70 cm by 188 cm. This makes them 3 cm wider than ALO yoga mats and 2 cm wider and 3 cm longer than Liforme mats, offering you more space for your practice. Elevate your yoga experience with Circé mats, where excellence meets sustainability.

Microfiber Mat:

  • Surface Material: Microfiber
  • Base Material: Rubber
  • Features: Provides a soft, absorbent surface ideal for hot yoga; excellent grip when wet
  • Feel: Comfortable and slightly cushioned