Eco-friendly Yoga Mat ‘Summer Dream’

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This yoga mat features the following attributes:

  • its thickness is 4mm
  • measurements 188 x 70 cm
  • is made of natural rubber and vegan suede
  • it has a great grip and is anti-slippery
  • offers full support for your knees and wrists
  • has been designed by nature and made with love

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Summer dream yoga mat

  • Microfibre suede yoga mat ‘Summer Dream’ was designed to make you feel excited and energised.
  • This mat is incredibly soft, and it also provides a superior grip.
  • “Close your eyes and imagine the sunrays playing in your hair. Exhale, open your eyes, and see the beauty of summer.” 
  • The centerpiece of this mat is a rose blossom, which is in focus against the summer sky. The author took this photo in Hyde Park, London, which she regularly visits when she wants to feel a connection to nature in a busy city.
  • Summer Dream suede yoga mat is suitable for yogis of all levels, whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga teacher. It is perfect for a slow, calming practice but also ideal for a more vigorous and sweaty Vinyasa flow.
  • We ensure that no animal products are used during manufacturing. This is a microfibre suede yoga mat, which means the mat’s surface is fiber. Therefore, our mats are suitable for vegans.
  • If you would like to learn more about how to experience a deeper connection with nature, read one of our blog posts, which you can find at

What yogis using our mats say

Bespoke yoga mat

Perfect thickness

“First of all, I love the design of it it’s so so gorgeous! The grip is amazing I didn’t slide at all. I like that it’s bigger than my other mat so I have more space on it. And I think what I like the most is its thickness, my knee hurt a lot and this mat has the perfect thickness to be comfortable, and also I do not feel the floor’s coldness💕.”


yoga mats

I love my Morning Mist mat in its totality

“I love the mat in its totality! The grip is excellent both on the floor and with hands and feet. The print is really nice and the thickness is right for all types of yoga. Fully recommended 😉”


Yoga Teacher
Gorgeous yoga mat

It’s so gorgeous

“It’s so gorgeous, it feels so soft and cushiony and I love that the ends don’t roll up already.”


Morning Mist mat - Veronica

I felt a real closeness to nature

“Using the Circe Morning Mist mat made me feel a real closeness with nature when I practiced on it for the first time. The Alaskan fern design feels fresh and is perfect for a morning wake-up yoga or a cool afternoon on the mat. The design is both subtle and beautiful. It’s comfortable to use and the grip gives the perfect support you need in any pose. I highly recommend it!”


Charlie - Customer

Morning Mist Mat

I couldn’t recommend the morning mist yoga mat enough. The grip is spectacular.


Mirka - Customer

The perfect mat for my Shavasana

I chose Morning Mist🌱 mat as I wanted to feel a deeper connection with nature during my practice. The mat exceeded my expectations! It’s super grippy and as much as I love practicing on it I also enjoy just being in Shavasana surrounded by the green leaves.


Eco-friednly yoga mat review

Love this mat!

I got a Circé yoga mat a couple of weeks ago and I never want to practice on a different mat again. The grip is great! The design is fab and the mat is eco-friendly! I have the Spring Blossom and love it! 🌸


Lucy - Customer

Beautiful design and perfect grip!

Having tried numerous different yoga mats I am so pleased I came across Circé. I love their designs and the mat I ordered took my practice to a whole new level. I don’t slip and feel like I am practicing in the middle of a forest.


2 reviews for Eco-friendly Yoga Mat ‘Summer Dream’

  1. ms_sun_seeker (verified owner)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the print and thickness of this mat. It’s makes my practice comfortable and enjoyable. I’m so happy to finally find an eco-friendly mat that works!

    • Katerina

      We are so pleased to hear that, Jo! Many thanks for supporting us and for this lovely review. 🌸

  2. Harper Lee

    The soft and comfortable texture of this mat feels luxurious against the skin.

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