Travel Mats

Circé Travel Yoga Mats are:

– 1.5mm thick
– made of natural rubber and vegan suede
– grippy and is anti-slippery
– designed by nature and made with love

They are perfect for travellers and yogis who love to appreciate nature.

Circé travel yoga mats are designed with love and manufactured with care. Their surface is made from microfiber and so is non-slippery. The bottom part is made of sustainably sourced rubber and offers convenient cushioning for your knees and palms.

Choosing a yoga mat made from natural materials will offer you a much firmer grounding experience than if you have a mat made from PVC. If you decide between rubber surface and micro-fiber (suede feel), you might want to consider how much your palms and soles sweat during your regular practice. While rubber mats offer great support if your palms and feet are dry, the suede surface can be more supportive if you sweat a bit more.

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