Sustainable Yoga – Our Promise

What is sustainable yoga to you? We recognise and appreciate the importance of nature. Therefore all of our products have been made from sustainable materials that are gentle and kind to Earth. As Circé grows, so will our promise to the environment. We want to support charities that: 

  • clean our oceans
  • plant more trees and corals 
  • protect bees and other insect species
  • contribute to further environmental projects

By purchasing one or more of our bespoke eco-friendly yoga mats, you will own a unique and original design mat and become a step closer to living a sustainable lifestyle. 

Our promise to the environment

Sustainable yoga and lifestyle are currently widely discussed among yoga teachers, life coaches, and well-being leaders. Still, the discussion is gaining momentum outside those networks of professionals. But what exactly is a sustainable lifestyle?

Sustainability is not only about reducing your carbon footprint and returning to non-harmful materials but also connecting with your inner self and putting yourself first.

Sustainability does not come without acknowledging that being part of nature comes with great responsibility and accountability —a commitment we all need to make and start acting upon.

While there are many steps you might take, it is essential to living sustainably without shaming those who do things differently. Not everybody can become vegan or reduce their air miles. However, we can all come together and find ways to reduce our footprint that will still be convenient. 

None of us want to wake up to a world where clean water will be scarce and breathable air a luxury.