Here, you can find answers to FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions. Contact us if you cannot find the answer you are looking for.

What surface do Circé mats have?

We offer yoga mats made of natural rubber (the bottom part) and vegan microfiber (the surface). ALL DESIGNS are available in this combination, apart from the ‘sold-out’ designs.  

We also run a limited range of mats with both the bottom and surface made of natural rubber. These currently include the “Harry the Yogi” mat and the “Lilac Wonder” mat. 

Do you ship to the US?

Yes, we do ship to the US; however, we do not cover the shipping costs to the US. Also, taxes and fees might apply. 

  • We will update this section soon with more detailed information. 

Do you sell in bulk?

Yes, we do! If you want to purchase more than five yoga mats from Yoga Circé, please get in touch with us, and we will discuss the details together. 

The lead time might vary depending on the number of mats you order. To minimise the impact, we will ship your mats to you directly from the manufacturing site, and lead time might also vary depending on the transport you choose. 

If purchasing in bulk, you will receive a discount. 

How to clean my Circé mat?

How to clean yoga mat
To clean your mat, first it is important to make sure that there are no hard pieces like stones, branches or sand on it to avoid scratching the surface. After that I recommend hoovering your mat – it is quite satisfying too and you will get rid of small pieces of dust or for example hair (I often step on my hair or pull it accidentally during practice and then need to employ the hoover). 
After you are done with dry clean and if your mat needs more you can chuck it into a washing machine and wash it! Yes, that is possible. Please make sure to wash it on low temperature and with a non oily detergent (see ingredients of your detergent). You can also wash it without a detergent. Alternatively, you can just use a wet cloth and clean parts of your mat that need it most. 

Where are you based?

We are based in the heart of Europe – the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is a part of the European Union, so buying your new Circé mat from within the EU will always be easy. 

How to become Circé Ambassador?

If you would like to become a Circé Ambassador, please get in touch, letting us know why you are interested in joining our team.  Don’t forget to include which Circé yoga mat is your favorite and why. 

You can get in touch via our Instagram account www.instagram.com/circe_yoga

Or email us at hello@yogacirce.com

What packaging do you use?

We manually wrap all mats that we expedite to you. For example, we use recycled paper, paper sellotape, and a bit of plastic sellotape to ensure that the parcel does not come apart. 

All mats are wrapped in plastic that comes directly from the manufacturing site ensuring all the mats are protected during transportation. When agreeing to this, we considered that it would not be environmentally friendly to have many write-offs* and decided that this was the less invasive option. 

*Write-off is a product that was damaged in the process of manufacture, transport, or storage; these products are non-sellable and create unused waste.