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Please familiarise yourself with our cookie policy before placing an order. We use so-called cookies on our website. A cookie is a text file placed on your computer or mobile when you visit most web pages across the internet. Cookies are used to enhance the experience and give the user access to various features on a website.
This allows a user to use the functionality on the webpage to its full potential, such as saving a product in the shopping cart. It also means that we can track traffic on the page and analyse what our audience prefers and what to see. If cookies are not accepted, some site’s functionality stops working. Nevertheless, you can opt out of having your computer store cookies automatically. Please bear in mind that cookies will also store a coupon code usage – so if you used a coupon on our website and left the shopping cart before check-out, this might be remembered by cookies, and when you come back to your order, the system might be preventing you from using the code again. If this happens, please either contact us or try removing your cookies.

How can you remove cookies?

We also use cookies to enable marketing campaigns on other websites and to make these advertisements relevant to you. Of course, our cookies never recognise you personally but can recognise your computer when you visit and other websites.
If you no longer want to accept cookies, you can turn them off in the settings section of your web browser. You can also go to your browser settings to remove cookies previously stored on your computer.

Depending on your browser, click on your browser below and follow their steps to remove cookies.

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