Circé Ambassadors

Jimin is a yoga and pilates teacher based in Singapore, where she teaches at @pureyogasingapore. She is also a certified kids yoga teacher.

Her specialties are chair, aerial, wheel and wall rope yoga. And she organises yoga retreats. Jimin is an experienced yoga professional, and we are proud to have her on our Circé Ambassadors team.  

Find Jimin on IG: @jiminyoga

Sofia has been with us since the very beginning! She is a yoga enthusiast based in Spain. 

It is well known that Sofia spends a lot of her time upside down in various variations of hand and headstands, and we admire her for that! 

Find Sofia on IG: @sofiagarcia_yoga

Ivana is a yoga teacher and studio manager of @yoga_karlin, based in the Czech Republic. 

She received her first Circé mat in early 2022, but she now owns her own Circé travel mat too. 

You can see Ivana throughout the web as we met with her for a photoshoot. 

Find Ivana on IG: @studenahruska

Alex is an ex elite gymnast and a yoga teacher and practitioner based in France. She teaches SUP, warrior and vinyasa yoga. 

Apart from practising yoga, Alex is also chasing memories and sunsets while travelling around the world. She is a proud owner of Summer Dream mat. 

Find Alex on IG: @_alexcerr_

Harry the Dachshund loves to be at the center of attention; hence he is always present when his owner unrolls their Circé mat.

Harry loved to use the mat as his resting space, and you can occasionally see him demonstrating a perfect puppy pose.  

Find Harry on IG: @harry_thedachshund_

Yoga teacher and student Fern is based in Kuala Lumpur and has two Circé mats – the ‘Summer Dream’ travel mat, pictured in this photo, and the ‘Morning Mist’ regular mat. 

Fern’s incredible back-bending skills are well-known within the IG yoga community, and we are thrilled that Fern loves Circé mats. 

Find Fern on IG: @fernbergmans_yoga.

Leanne is based in Italy and has been our very first ambassador! 

Her practice is always very inspiring, and the fact that her young son practises with her proves it. 

Find Leanne on IG: @leanne.channnn

Jo is a talented yogi and qualified yoga teacher based in Canada and has become one of Circé Ambassadors in summer 2022.

Her practice is always inspiring and motivating, and her photos are unique and artsy. 

Find Jo on IG: @ms_sun_seeker


Elisa is based in Italy and is an advanced yoga practitioner. 

Her practice is very versatile, as there is nothing she can’t do. Her backends are impressive, as well as her handstands and splits. 

Find Elisa on IG: @eli_sina_yoga 

Eva is a yoga teacher and studio owner based in Spain who does regular and aerial yoga, and her practice is inspiring. 

She has excellent control and balancing skills, and her backends are also impressive. 

Find Eva on IG: @masflowstudio

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