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Karel’s role is of a silent investor who, however, attends meetings with our tax accountant and has a say in more significant decisions that we make for Circé. 


Kristyna is our shipping manager. 

A fun fact: Kristyna is Katerina’s and Karel’s maternal second cousin and is married to their paternal second cousin. 


Miroslava helps with stock-taking and is in charge of packaging. 

She is also Katerina’s and Karel’s mum. Thank you, mum! 


Lucie helps us to manage our Circé Instagram account! She is behind some of the comments (not messages, though). 

A fun fact: Katerina and Lucie have known each other for over 19 years as they went to high school together. 


Most of the time Catarina helps us with content-creation and you could find her behind a camera lens. She is very creative and has been learning photography on the go. 

A fun fact: Catarina and Kate have been housemates for over two years and spent the pandemic lockdowns together. 

Founder Katerina Vachova


Katerina is a young yogi following a dream she has had since she was 15. Having been raised in the Czech Republic, she splits her time between there and the UK, with Yoga Circé’s headquarters in the former. 

Kate majored in International Management and has a BSc degree in Psychology. She is a passionate person who keeps up to date with worldwide news and politics. She loves to read, study languages (many at once), travel, and spend time with her loved ones (including three family dachshunds). 

“Travelling around the world allowed me to explore varying ecosystems and habitats. Most of the time, I was in awe of the beauty and diversity I found in the wilderness. However, there were times when I felt nothing but despair when seeing the damage done to nature and the environment. Using my photographs of nature to design eco-friendly yoga mats, I feel I am giving nature a chance to express itself and inspire you.”

– Kate, the Founder

Q: What is your pet peeve? 

Kate: Hm, working during my meals. 

Q: What is your favourite book? 

Kate: That would have to be ‘The Song of Achilles’ by Madeline Miller…closely followed by ‘Circé’ by the same author! 

Q: What was the hardest thing you did? 

Kate: Ah, that’s a tough one! My journey hadn’t been the easiest, to be honest, but the hardest thing I have ever done was probably moving alone to a foreign country. 

Q: Would you change anything about yourself? 

Kate: I need to start going to bed sooner, especially in winter.

Q: What would you tell your 15-year-old self?

Kate: I would tell myself to be proud of my achievements; I always had As and Bs, and I wasn’t happy, constantly feeling like I needed to do better to be appreciated. I would support myself by having more self-love. I used to think I was ugly and not good enough. I regret that. 

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