Yoga meets Nature, and Self-care by Fili

As we live in a turbulent era and need to adapt to many new things, I realised that maybe all that has been taking its toll on me. That all led me to think about infusing more joy and peace into my life… little by little but daily! So I thought about it and realised both yoga and nature bring me joy, bringing me to the concept of when yoga meets nature. Also,  I’ve decided to revisit how I do things like showering, skincare, or practicing on the mat. This helped me find peace of mind and stability, so I have a few tips and tricks you might also like to add to your daily routine. These helped me feel good and connect with myself, and I hope they will serve you well too.

Mantras as a guide

Not long ago, Ι discovered face yoga, and I can tell you that it is a daily practice I thoroughly enjoy. It makes me feel so good to take care of myself. There are numerous youtube videos out there for you to follow along for a face massage, but what I do additionally is while applying my facial oil, I repeat a few mantras to myself, for example:

  1. “I find joy in little things.”
  2. “I love myself and take care of myself daily.”
  3. “I open my heart and let the light be my guide.”
  4. “I am loved.” 

Additionally, when I shower or wash my face, I like to imagine that the water running through my body is cleansing me of toxins or negative thoughts, and I let go of anything I need to let go of on that particular day. So I practically do a cleanse within, along with the physical process.

Yoga meets nature

Peace and calmness

Another way to find peace is to light a candle when I am about to start my yoga practice. Then, while lighting my candle, I repeat to myself a goal that I am setting for my practice. It may be to find more peace within, feel more connected, open my heart, or open my mind to something that may seem difficult to accept. Or it might be to tap into joy or gratitude or even let my emotions be a bit freer. Sometimes it helps me acknowledge that I am not feeling all that well and decide that it’s ok to feel that way and be more respectful of my feelings.

Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love nature, yoga, and my practice. The reason is that when I am on my mat, I can be who I am. It’s easy; I don’t need to play a role or pretend. I can bring with me all my worries and all my blessings. Also, I can choose what to let go of and when. What to keep and what to cherish. My mat and I share a special bond. I like to imagine stepping into a sanctuary–if you must–a sacred space where honestly, nothing can touch me, and I am safe—savouring the stillness of a child’s pose or flowing between feelings and Āsanas undisturbed by anything and everything out of the borders of my mat.

And this is where my love of nature meets my passion for yoga–a mat depicting glimpses of nature’s beauty. And I know you agree because what could be better than that?

Yoga meets nature

That is what drew me to Circé yoga mats. The designs are made of photographs of nature, and so, in that way, I always feel connected to nature when I practice. Seeing Circé mats are the epitome of when yoga meets nature. I can’t wait for the new ‘Wildflowers’ mat, which will be released this June. I love wildflowers; they bring me so much joy. Choosing a mat that will make you feel comfortable and awaken emotions is necessary. You can, too, choose the one that brings you joy and makes you feel more connected to beautiful nature. Then, you can enjoy soaking up those good breezy loving thoughts that come with merely unrolling your Circé yoga mat.

Stepping on the mat is an act of self-love, one that brings me serenity and recalibrates me more than anything in the world. It is just magical… Don’t you agree?

Last but not least, at the end of each practice, this is how I choose to vibe positively–
I put my hands in Anjali, touching my forehead, and repeat: “I reach for thoughts that come from a place of love…” or, “I allow good thoughts.”
Then hands in Anjali in front of the lips:” I speak words of kindness and encouragement…”
Lastly, hands in Anjali in front of the heart:” I open my heart and let love be my guide…”

Yoga meets nature

So these are a few of my practices daily to reach out to my inner child, to soften and to feel lighter and more joyous…. Remember, my friends, you are enough, you gave it your all today, and you are amazing.

Thank you, my lovely Kate and Circe Yoga Mats, for the space to reach out to more fellow yogis through my words. 

– With love @fili_wordsnlotus and journaling account @my.cup.of.stars

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