Top Yoga Retreats in Europe for Your Christmas (or any other) Holiday

Most of us live at a fast pace, and most of our days are spent in our 9-5 jobs or trying to sort out the unfished to-do list… So it’s nice to think about ourselves and try to give ourselves a chance to renew from time to time… Personally, retreats remain the best way to do it!
What comes to your mind when you hear the word retreat.. for me is to spoil myself…re(treat) is a way to give myself a particular time to reconnect, live fully and be grounded.
Especially during some specific times, like Christmas, summer holidays, autumnal vibes, or spring, you all need that sparkle to give yourself a little boost to refresh yourself.
As we all know, Christmas is almost around the corner; just a blink and you will find yourself there thinking about Christmas gifts and decorations…
So why not treat yourself and gift it a wintery gathering with like-minded people in a yoga retreat to rejuvenate, end the current year in serenity, and start the new one with an open heart and palm?

So here are my selected yoga retreats that you can join during this time of year or any other holiday:

Le Yogascope is a french startup created by the fantastic LÉA COUTAYE. It’s the place to be if you’re looking for breathtaking views, aesthetically pleasing dorms, and unique experiences for your soul, mind, and body. The choice is vast; you may choose from one in France, Spain, Italy, or even Bali. Every place in each country is perfectly selected. We all want to be sure that we are joining a unique retreat, and Le YogaScope is serving you this. Your yoga flows will be combined with excellent activities like cooking courses, astrology, serotherapy, personal development, and more! In addition, it is where you can find retreats all over the year from January to December.

group yoga class

For me, this one is the place to be… Its name evokes all, ‘LAR’ means ‘home’ in Portuguese. Jules, the founder, promises that her retreats will make you feel at home during any of the escapes and getaways she has planned. As Cecelia Ahern says: “Home is not a place … it’s is a feeling.


Not only this… the most attractive in this retreat is the combination of yoga and art. You can join various creative workshops like ceramics, painting, drawing, and more. This may be your go-to if you prefer short retreats, nothing more than five days. Their wellness getaway is usually around Portugal, mostly Lisbon. And I am sure that none of you can resist Portuguese vibes.

Vinyasa yoga
Local Dishes

Let’s stay with the Portuguese theme and vibes. Just a few steps from Lisbon, in Casa Paço D’Ilhas, Ericeira, is where Lisa & Nasa create all the magic. If you are a Vinyasa lover, book your new retreat, Reflect & Renew,” now with no hesitation. Their retreats are mainly vinyasa-focused, where you will get your energy dose while being soothed down by nature around you. And what’s more? Your daily food is themed so that you can spoil your guts with healthy and yummy Portuguese, Italian and local dishes. 

Hatha Yoga
Wild view retreat

From a great place to a stunning home that has hosted weekly yoga retreats since SEPTEMBER 2018, it took the owner two whole years to renew this place and make it a lovely welcoming haven for yoga lovers worldwide. 

From the chalet aesthetic to the sunny and eye-catching yoga space, this place is a fantastic option if you usually look for big retreats with different wellness activities, from yin yoga to pilates. The site is up to host more than 22 guests, where they can enjoy ensuite bedrooms and stay in a private cottage.

When choosing a yoga retreat, I focus on the environment, the type of yoga, and the food. A well-picked space is what makes the retreat unique. In regards to the dishes, I usually prefer the retreats that provide local, healthy food and take into account people’s allergies and diets; flexibility is always the key.

What are the most important aspects a yoga retreat should have for you? 


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