Why Should You Include Shavasana In Your Yoga Practice? Top 8 Benefits

After a long day of work (and before you get to work the following day), you probably want to unwind by doing yoga. Doing so will also let you relax both mind and body. But have you ever experienced Shavasana? It is when you hold the final pose of your yoga session and done in Corpse Pose.

Shavasana benefits are many, reducing and preventing stress being the most notable. By practicing Shavasana, you can keep the final pose of your yoga routine. That is why it’s also called the Corpse Pose, simply because it makes people feel like they’re no longer alive.

This blog will make you appreciate the benefits of Shavasana yoga pose.

1. Helps with relaxation

Shavasana helps to relax your entire body completely. It also allows you to feel like you have just finished a full-day work without any exhaustion or stress. But this relaxation does mean not only physical relaxation but also mental relaxation. It helps you to calm down and get rid of all negative thoughts running inside your mind throughout the day. It also gives you peace of mind which is essential for a healthy mind-body connection.

Shavasana practice

2. Improves body image

When you’re in Shavasana, think about how your body feels. Is it tired? Are there any areas that feel sore or stiff? Take a few minutes to reflect on how your body changes over the course of your practice — whether through increased flexibility or improved posture.

Savasana yoga pose helps you appreciate what your body can do rather than focusing on what it looks like. If you’re constantly comparing yourself to others or trying to achieve unrealistic goals based on social media images, it can help you shift your mindset. You will start thinking about self-acceptance instead.

3. Enhances body and mind awareness

There’s no movement or sound in your body when you’re in this pose. You don’t even have to breathe! In other words, all your senses are on one thing: your mind. And that’s where the real benefits of Shavasana begin.

Shavasana allows you to tune into what’s going on inside your head and heart. It allows you to become aware of your thoughts and emotions. It enables you to make conscious choices about how to use them. By doing it regularly, you can learn how to control them.

4. Helps increase blood circulation

Shavasana increases blood circulation throughout your body due to its calming effects on the mind and body. That allows oxygen to circulate more freely throughout your body while relaxing muscles and organs. 

It eliminates toxins from the body through sweat production or urination. That’s helpful after exercising because we tend to sweat more than usual when working out hard enough for a long time.

Calm your mind

5. Calms your mind and energises your body

Another reason why you should use Shavasana after yoga is because it improves both your mental clarity and physical energy levels. It allows you to calm down after a vigorous practice while also replenishing your energy reserves.

You will be ready for whatever comes next in the day. That boosts not only your mood but also helps prevent burnout associated with overworking yourself at home or work.

6. Reduces body tension and stiffness

Many people come into their yoga classes with tension and stiffness. It can make it difficult to get into certain poses or stay in them for long. 

Shavasana is an effective way to release the tension and stiffness from your body by relaxing your entire system completely. Once you start relaxing down into Shavasana, you’ll notice that your muscles will also relax. They won’t be working as hard as they usually do when you’re not relaxed!

7. Boosts your immune system

Shavasana is the resting pose that follows every yoga practice. It’s the perfect time to relax and let go of all your worries. When you lie down in Shavasana, your body gets a chance to rest and heal itself.

The immune system is one of the most important parts of your body. It keeps you healthy at all times, but sometimes it needs extra support from external sources. Shavasana helps boost your immune system by giving it a much-needed break from its daily activities.

8. Shavasana helps you sleep better

Shavasana helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. It reduces anxiety and stress levels in the body which are two common factors that can cause insomnia in people who have chronic insomnia. 

Shavasana also relaxes the mind. It makes it easier for you to fall asleep at night without worrying about anything else that might be weighing on your mind.

Give Shavasana a try today.

If you’re not already incorporating Shavasana into your yoga routine, now’s the time to start. It will provide significant benefits for your body, but it will prove to be a valuable tool for your mind and spirit. It’s worth paying attention to all that yoga offers, so give Shavasana a try—it may just open up your world in unexpected ways.

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  1. Yes, I agree. Savaasana relaxes the mind and body. I do yoga every day. Founder of theagelessyoga.com

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