The Niyamas – finding your true self living in accordance with it


Welcome to another post from our series about Yoga. In our last article, we have focused on Yamas, a set of rules that yogis aspire to live in unison with in relation to the outer world. Today’s article is dedicated to Niyamas. Another 5 rules for a yogic lifestyle. However, niyamas help us with discipline and guide us in taking care of ourselves too. They are the positive duties all of us have to ourselves. Together with Yamas, which we talked about in our previous post, niyamas form the stepping stone for a yogic lifestyle.


The word ‘saucha’ translates into “cleanliness” and applies to speech, mind, and body, where the body represents not only our physical body but also the environment and the earth itself. Saucha can be practiced in many ways with the focus changing. If you want to start with the “body”, you might go through your clothes and donate all you no longer wear. Or maybe focus on eating a healthier diet for some time. By altering and rejecting negative and intrusive thoughts with positive affirmations, you will clean your mind saucha, which may then lead to cleaning your speech saucha. As if your mind has only positive thoughts, you will not have anything negative to say.


The second niyama, santocha, is a beautiful one, it acknowledges us to accept reality as it is and teaches us to approach life with a positive mindset. As only then when we see what is happening around us clearly, we get the opportunity to think about and acknowledge it, and only then we can make the best of the situation and start healing. It might be that we need to admit to ourselves that we are not well, or we might see some injustice being done. In either case, only by accepting the truth, we can start the healing process of our soul or we can target the injustice and help.



Maybe you have heard since childhood that it is important to have discipline in life. To have rituals and patterns you can follow. Repetition is the key to progress and progress is a vital component of success. Dream big but don’t forget that big dreams are only achieved by those who believe in them. Allow yourself to have faith and live in accordance with your true nature, engage with life in a way that will allow you to reach your dreams.


In life, we are all students and for students, it is necessary to study, not only sacred scripts, studies, and literature, but also ourselves. As our minds can be our shrines and anchors, it is important for us to dedicate a few minutes a day to strengthening them giving them the time they need. What might help you to stay on the route is writing what you have learned into a notebook. Or read a few pages of a book every night before bed. Meditate or give a go to Yin yoga. Free your spirit and you will find knowledge.

Isvara Pranidhana

Whichever greater force you believe in, stay true to it, devote to it, and surrender. Maybe you believe in nature as I do. Nature for me is the highest, greatest, and purest forest on the Earth and in the Universe. And I believe that if we live in accordance with and peace with nature, all nations and societies can strive. It is when we forget our roots, that we feel lost in deafness. You might also believe in hundreds of thousands of other things, by staying true to them you are staying true to yourself and will be able to unite with happiness.

As we are approaching the end of 2021, maybe you will have some time to take to think about what life change or a habit could positively impact the way you feel or live. Remember in life, less is often more.

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