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Wherever in the world you live, chances are that you have heard of climate change, global warming, and the causes that are behind those occurrences. While environmental disasters used to be isolated events, they have been becoming more and more common. Additionally, we now experience them at places where we have never experienced them before. It might get you thinking “Are we lost?”. We sure stubble across such thoughts at times. But as dire as the future of the environment might look, nothing is lost. In this blog post ‘How to live more eco-friendly’, we discuss 5 simple actions you can take to make the world a greener place.

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  1. Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

Reduce the amount of waste you create. Plan your grocery shopping ahead and find a place where you can shop for veggies and fruit that are not wrapped in plastic. invest into a re-usable shopping bag, refillable water bottle, and a keep coffee mug. Use beeswax food wraps, bamboo, or glass kitchen containers. 

Reuse the items that can be reused. For instance, if you bought yogurt in a glass container, instead of throwing it away, use it as a pot. My granddad would always cultivate his vegetable plants in a plastic container he had after using soap.

Recycle the waste that you cannot utilize in another way. Even though most plastic is not recyclable, some types are and it makes a difference if those actually make their way to the recycling plants. Create a compost if you have a garden and dispose of biological waste there.

How to live more eco-friendly on the personal level

2. Use low waste hygiene products

We live in a world where personal appearances and hygiene play an important role and so we want to look and feel good. For our well-being, it is important that we don’t ignore our needs. However, we should not forget about the well-being of the planet, which is our home. 

While it is great to feel and look good, bare in mind that many hygienic products contain particles or substances, which have the power to be extremely harmful to the environment. And when we harm the environment surrounding us, we indirectly harm ourselves too. So we actually do the opposite, we might trick ourselves into thinking we feel good and healthy. However, in reality, we have harmed ourselves more than we helped ourselves. 

For instance, many sun lotions contain substances (oxybenzone, octinoxate, homosalate, nanoparticles) that not only bleach corals but also disrupt our hormones and organs.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of new companies, who focus on providing us with eco-friendly and human-friendly products. Try a bar shampoo from Garnier or dental products from Georganics and feel the difference for yourself.

3. Walk more often

Oftentimes, we look for ways of how to live more eco-friendly and we fail to see one of the most important activities we can adapt to: walking. By walking, you not only reduce your carbon footprint, but you also make sure that you keep yourself more fit. 

Sometimes, walking short distances can even save you some time or be more convenient. You might avoid needing to find a parking slot or you can make a call while walking. 

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4. Reduce the number of things you buy

Not every time when something you own breaks, you need to buy a brand new replacement. You can always sew a fallen button and there is no shame in preparing a hole on your socks, quite the contrary! If you decide you do not want to use a particular piece of your wardrobe anymore, you can always bring it to a drift shop, sell it online or make some kitchen cloths out of it! 

Likewise, old furniture does not necessarily need to be thrown away, it can be repurposed or donated. Or even sold online too. 

5. Plant trees, grow flowers, and protect bees

We all know that trees provide us with oxygen. But did you know that simultaneously, they store carbon, provide shelter and shade, stabilize soil, regulate the water cycle, combat noise pollution, and provide jobs? Sadly, we are currently losing an alarming number of trees worldwide, due to deforestation and wildfires. It has been predicted that if deforestation continues at its speed, the Amazon rainforest might reach a Tipping Point. If that happens, it will turn against itself as it will understand it cannot save itself. Then, it will start a process of desertification. This would sadly then lead to many species becoming extent and global climate change would become even more severe and unpredictable. 

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Therefore, it is vital that as we keep using nature’s resources, we learn to start giving. By planting trees you might be contributing to reversing a catastrophe. 

It is also equally important to keep our meadows and wild fields healthy. Keep a bit of your lawn unmown and you will see the difference it will make to insects. By taking care of pollinators, we ensure that there are bees to pollinate our fruit trees and other plants and that nature keeps providing us with food and beauty.  

Even if it feels daunting at times, there are certainly ways of how to live more eco-friendly and help the planet with its recovery. Humans have been able to bring it to the tipping point fast, we should be able to reverse it if we take the right steps forward. 

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