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Circé mats offer extraordinary support throughout your yoga practice – perfect grip, grounding experience, and platform for movement with a purpose. You can find mats with a rubber base and microfibre surface, but newly also all-rubber mats. All our mats are eco-friendly and sustainable, elegant and functional.

Circé mats were designed so that by practising on them, you will feel inspired and be able to deepen your mind-body-soul connection. We pride ourselves in selling mats of high quality that have been tested by yoga teachers and practitioners of all levels, who have unanimously approved of them.

All Circé mats are slightly wider than your regular yoga mat; with 70 cm widthwise and 188 cm lengthwise, they are 3 cm wider than ALO yoga mats (as per dimensions published on the ALO website) and 2 cm wider and 3 cm longer than Liforme mats (as per dimensions published on the Liforme website).

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